frequently asked questions

Yes, we are! Our founder, Daniel Picard, is a member of the Wendat family from the Huron community of Wendake. Daniel's adoptive mother is a member of the Innu tribe from Pessamit on the North Shore who immersed Daniel in the Aboriginal culture, hence his great passion for the First Nations. In addition, we have recently opened a factory on the Mashteuiatsh reserve in Lac-Saint-Jean. Lastly, we prioritize the hiring of Aboriginal workers.

All our kraft paper formats are recyclable. We also offer reusable glass jars to preserve our products. We take great strides to minimize the use of plastic in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

Yes, our in-house chef creates recipe cards and videos featuring seasonal products to add a touch of the boreal to your daily life. (Click here to subscribe)

For the moment we only ship to Canada and the United States

Please click the Wholesale page to learn more about our distribution for both retailers and the food service industry and how to contact us.


Our products are gluten free however we cannot certify that any of our ingredients have not been in contact with other ingredients that contain gluten.

All of our products with the exception of Bacon Pepper contain Garlic.

All of our products with the exception of Bacon Pepper contain onions.

Our Bacon Pepper is KETO friendly!

None of our products contain nuts, however, we cannot certify that any ingredient has been in contact with other ingredients that may contain nuts.

Most of our products contain salt, such as our walnut wood smoked salt or sea salt, but not in large quantities. You can see the nutritional value sheet for each of our products.

We recommend storing your spices in closed bags in a dark, dry place for up to one year for optimal freshness. Bacon Pepper is best stored in the refrigerator after opening.

One year after opening.


Our herbs are hand-picked according to the seasons by our valiant warriors who come from
from different regions of Quebec. For example, Dune Pepper reaches its peak after the first frost.

Dune pepper was once used as an infusion by the First Nations to fight certain flu symptoms and we use it today in our recipes to add a little peppery and boreal touch. Its rich taste develops over the course of cooking and will add exquisite flavours to all your dishes.

The balsam myrtle was once used by the First Nations as an insect repellent and for many other medicinal purposes. In our blends, we use only the catkin for its lively, powerful and unique aromas.