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A Unique and Versatile line of Spices and Seasonings.

We are thrilled to introduce the Épices du Guerrier line of blends to the United States. The founders of  Épices du Guerrier have spent years mastering the art of blending seasonings forged from the First Nations of Quebec, Canada.

Each of the blends are carefully balanced bouquets of the finest herbs, spices, and salts. Everything we blend is cultivated by hand to ensure premium freshness and unmatched flavor.

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Our Warrior Reviews!


Each blend is awesomely different. My favorite is the Bacon Pepper as it can transform almost any dish.




I have been introduced to a whole new flavor profile. These blends are a perfect addition to a cooks kitchen.


LaGrange, GA


I love how unique your blends are as well as the story behind them. We are looking forward to using them in many dishes this summer.


Los Angeles, CA


My friend introduced this line of spices to me as a gift and my family uses the different varieties each week on roasts, steaks, and even roasted vegetables. They taste fresh and full of flavor.


Chapin, SC


I felt compelled to compliment you on the aroma of your spices. The green alder pepper is a fragrance I have never smelled.


Albuquerque, NM


Love the spices and the vibrant colors, smells and flavors!


Anchorage, AK