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Daniel Picard, founder of Épices du Guerrier and a member of the Huron community of Wendake, spent over twenty years traveling the First Nations of Quebec. During his travels he had the privilege of visiting dozens of First Nation communities where he formed lifelong friendships leaving him with wonderful memories the most memorable of which is the meals he shared where everyone is always treated as a guest of honor.

Upon experiencing all the wonderful flavors and tastes, Daniel decided to create a link, based on the empirical knowledge he gained while traveling, that would unite the gastronomy of the native land while pleasing the the First Nation peoples. After years of research and development, Daniel created the flavors of Les Épices du Guerrier in honor to the pickers who forge the First Nation territories in search of these unique flavors.

about WB

The company Épices du Guerrier was born from the fruits of a long friendship and a unique professional relationship between Daniel Picard and his co-founder, Patrice Dion.

Creative and curious by nature, Patrice is both dedicated and passionate about the companies mission. At the same time, it is by working with Daniel for several years, that Patrice has acquired a the knowledge about the First Nations of Quebec. It is thus in a natural and determined way that he launched into this new adventure that would become the Épices du Guerrier.

The Warrior Blends - USA

Beginning in 2021, Aleks and Amy began working with Épices du Guerrier in order to bring this extraordinary line of seasings to the United States.

We are both passionate about cooking so when Aleks discovered the spices in Quebec and brought them back to the United States, the entire line of spices quickly became a staple in our every day recipes. We not only love the spices but we also are privileged to be able to share them with you and are confident, once you try these products, they too will be a staple in your kitchen.

The Warrior Blends USA, Ben and Dany

We are both passionate of cooking and We love to discover new flavours thru different Cultures. The Warrior Blends fell in our Flavours, The mix between Basic ingredients and the Flavours of nature. The Native Culture with their Flavours are a Must to discover. Our Team as a Mascot named Brix our dog and Yes they do have a Dog product mix named KAYA (Brix Approuved).

We Joined this amazing venture because it’s our way to to let the People discover Native flavours with these special Blends and much more to come and to give back to the Native community’s. What makes a meal Delicious is the Mixtures and Blends of great produce. Memories are Shared around a Great Meal.

(Oh and this is Brix ->)

Charitable Work

At the beginning, Épices du Guerrier was a social project. "We wanted to create something special that we could use to raise money to help young people in need." Their blends, however, became quite popular and thus they decided to launch Épices du Guerrier.