As the First Nations were the first peoples of Canada, they are also the first stewards of the lands. The region's unique climate is composed of four distinct seasons, characterized by long, very cold, dry winters and short, cool, wet summers. This results in significant periods of freezing and thawing, with temperature extremes that can easily vary by as much as 60 degrees between winter and summer.

First Nations Warrior Blends   

At the rhythm of the seasons a slow transition occurs that brings significant changes in the whole territory. This explains, among other things, several natural phenomena that directly influence the flora of our regions, thus giving the unique character to our resources. It is thanks to the climate of the boreal forest that maple trees produce sweet water, that certain plants and herbs can have a different flavor depending on the time of the season, etc.

fir tree

Close your eyes and think of the holidays. What do you smell? Maybe the delicate scent of fir? The extraordinary fir tree is not only used to adorn our holiday homes but also used in anything from housekeeping, to our food as well as in traditional medicine.

Balsam fir is abundant throughout Canada. It adores cool, moist, and well-drained soil and needs a lot of sunshine which is why it grows mainly at the edges of the forest and in clearings.

The balsam fir's resin has antiseptic and pain relieving properties. Traditionally, it is applied to wounds to help seal them and discourage infection. Some people make topical salves from balsam fir resin.

In regards to food, balsam fir is used to flavor a variety of recipes from ice cream to vokda to fish and poultry. When the buds are young, they have a complex fruity flavour with notes of cherry and often used in deserts. Try our Traditional Warrior Blend on your next receipe to add the wonderful flavor of balsam fir.

Green Alder Pepper also called Dune Pepper, is harvested from the catkin (flower cluster) of a variety of Green Alder, a deciduous shrub of the boreal forest. However Green Alder Pepper is not, botanically speaking, a pepper, it just smells like pepper along with resin and floral notes and a bit musky making it a perfect addition to The Warrior Blends.

Like many resinous plants and trees, it has astringent and tonic properties and has been used to reduce fever and stop bleeding. It likes moist, deficient soil and grows in the mountains and rocky and sandy terrains as well as near water sources.

Green Alder Pepper